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For the second season, Instinct is the partner of Playtime Paris. We are delighted of having set up the Maternity Trends for Fall Winter 18-19.
Visit us and discover our special set design, a Trend Shop created by the paper artist Audrey Gautier, on booth S06, in front of the Crea.tif space.
We are looking forward to chatting with you while drinking a delicious infusion by Chic des Plantes !







A life-giving color range for women, kids fashion or home design.

Contraste the light neons colors with a dark night purple and neutralize with a white grey.


Dark Jungle-Instinct-trendconsulting

Inspired by the Caribbean theme of our recent SS17 trend book, welcome to a nocturnal and exotic atmosphere.

Henri Rousseau’s paintings ‘La charmeuse de serpents’ and ‘Le rêve’ plunge the spectator into a dream-like and mysterious luxuriance. Paris’ Musée d’Orsay presents this singular painter’s modern vision until July 17th.
Accompanying the release of the new Jungle Book movie, Kenzo and Disney created a capsule collection launched at the beginning of April. Its surprisingly dark lookbook adds depth to this tropical limited series for men and women.
Giant palm leaves find refreshing humility in many artists’ works, such as Kleber Matheus’s neon lights starkly reflecting on dark plants.

Luxuriance and the intimacy of twilight look good together.



Heterochromia eyes

PAGE BLOG-Heterochromia eyes

Fashion is evolving and models are changing with it. Beauty is now more than ever about uniqueness and being proud of what Mother Nature gave you (or not).

Examples of this include beautiful, charismatic models such as Winnie Harlow and Ralph Souffrant showing off their vitiligo, a skin condition causing loss of pigmentation. Stunning transgender model Hari Nef and androgynous models Vincent Beier & Rain Dove are pushing fashion forward by putting gender ambiguity in the limelight. As for models Kaine Buffonge and Kadri Vahersalu, their heterochromia (eyes of different colors) gives them an incredible and uniquely deep look, adding a mysterious and enigmatic feel to every editorial.